Couverture + musiciens

« Springtime … a necessity, a compelling and intimate need to express my deep feelings, through the beauty of music and words. An inner hike full of butterflies, mimosas, sun, where dreams and languor mingle. Springtime to continue to live poetically on earth.

The beautiful, the good  and the fair , a triad of which I make my motto and my banner…»

Springtime is her fourth album and will be released by Fremeaux and Associates the 3th of February 2014.
She is surrounded by the martinique pianist Mario Canonge present on her previous album Confluence and now responsible for the artistic production, also by the reckoned Malagasy drummer Tony Rabeson and by one of the most requested French bassist Thomas Bramerie. Some guests appear on the album: Alain Jean-Marie on piano, Arnaud Dolmen on drums and Adriano Tenorio on percussion.

Springtime is modern jazz with Afro-Brazilian accents, in which she wrote the eleven texts, most of them in English; three are in French. There are three adaptations: Mimosa by Herbie
Handcok, Melancholia by Duke Ellington and Michel Petrucciani’s Cantabile, renamed Cantabile for Lady Day, a song dedicated to Billy Holiday.

Springtime celebrates the renewal, peace and drunkenness of a vocal Jazz with influences interbred of soul and latin tinges …

The album of maturity for Annick Tangorra, singer but also author / composer.

Surrounded by Mario Canonge who signs the splendid production of this album, by Tony Rabeson, Thomas Bramerie, and Alain Jean-Marie, Arnaud Dolmen and Adriano Tenorio as guests, Annick Tangorra gives a master album, all in finesse, elegance and sensuality.