photobioOf Italian origin, Annick was born and grew up near Marseilles surrounded by a family of music lovers, amateur singers, passionate of bel canto, jazz, South American music … Her aspirations led her to learn the piano, classical singing, the guitar.

Around the age of 18, she made her stage debut with a first group Alizeo Pulse, a Latin Jazz with Andalusian tinges. She collaborated to a multitude of projects with Brazilian and African artists, she studied harmony at the Conservatory of Oriental Music in Paris, and continued a thorough vocal work with her singing teacher Sarah Sanders in Paris.

Successive and multiple trips to Brazil and the Caribbean feed her and fill her with these musical colors already present in her world …

Exciting scenic and recording collaborations will follow one another …

Annick noir et blanc 2Her encounter with Claude Sommier, pianist and composer, will allow her to crystallize this concept on her wish to say and sing through a music full of hope.

She asserts her taste for intermingling poetic and musical writing of jazz, afro Brazilian and Caribbean … Modern resonances in the arrangements and a willingness to crossbreed sounds. She recites her palette of compositions with a generous voice at the confluence of jazz.

After the death of Claude, she goes back to writing … with the support of her close relatives and with her friend and pillar Mario Canonge, she realizes Springtime.