Borneo Jazz 2012

« Tangora dazzled everyone by her sensational voice. She sung her songs in a number of languages including Creole, English, Latin, and French. The singer, songwriter, and composer comes from a French-Italian background with a great influence of Caribbean and afro-Latin jazz. Her warmth and radiance was reflected in her performance and kept the audience wanting more. »

Yasmin Pascual Khalil  May 16, 2012

Borneo Jazz Festival 2012 

« Next up was singer Tangora’s quartet, which ran through a highly polished set of songs from the singer’s album Confluences (AMES, 2009). The title of the album is appropriate, as Tangora’s music draws from myriad sources: jazz, bolero, rumba, French chanson and the rhythms of the Caribbean, all colored the music. Tangora’s powerful voice was matched by her commanding stage presence. The warmth of her personality—whether singing in French, Spanish, Portuguese or English—infused and defined the music.

The performance began with the Cuban air of « Inolvidable, » Julio Gutiérrez’ popular bolero from 1944. The Americas provided inspiration for much of the material, from the seductive rumba of « Leo’s Waltz’ to the Venezuelan-inspired « Maracaibo. » The rhythm section of bassist Eric Vincenot and drummer Jean Rabeso kept immaculate time throughout, while pianist Jonathon Jurion’s electrifying playing provided some of the best improvisation of the two days.

Tangora not only displayed great dexterity linguistically, but also stylistically. Whether scatting on her original arrangement of Irish singer Van Morrison’s « Moondance, » or caressing the lyrics of the pretty « Lolita, » Tangora’s confident performance was both »

Ian Patterson, May 29, 2012 Miri, Sarawak, Borneo

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Genting jazz festival 2007

« Tangora was not lying when she said she has the best musicians in her group. One may find her cocky at first, but you sort of change your mind when you see her go on stage and sing her soul out. Her set was a rainbow of percussion blended with passionate piano that was full of Jazz. The crescendos worked well backing up her soaring and sensual voice. » 

Genting International Jazz Festival 2007